Cribbing and Colic in Horses: What’s the Link?

Posted by Stacey Oke, DVM, MSc in The Horse The latest on the unlikely relationship between brain, behavior, and belly Researchers estimate that 2-10% of all horses crib. This stereotypy (defined as a relatively unchanging, repetitive pattern of behavior with … Learn More


With so much distressing news being shared about the uncertain fate of our beloved wild horses and burros, it is all the more important to enjoy and appreciate them whenever we can. Today we’re sharing a beautiful story… the magic of … Learn More

Mare Gestation Calculator

Are you wondering when your pregnant mare will foal? Use our Mare Gestation Calculator to find out! The average gestation length in the mare ranges from 320 to 362 days; most mares will foal within 330-345 days of successful breeding. … Learn More

The Equine Hoof: Normal Functional Anatomy

The normal equine hoof is designed to support a large animal and distribute landing forces to protect the structures of the limb. NANCY S. LOVING DVM As much as 90 percent of impact energy of limb loading is absorbed by … Learn More

Wild Fire Season: Horse Evacuation During Covid-19

Getting your horse to safety during a wildfire and a pandemic takes extra preparation. Two disaster planning experts offer tips to keep yourself healthy while evacuating your horses. Posted by Jennifer Whittle |     As of Aug. 6, wildfires have ravaged … Learn More

Is Rained-On Hay Any Good?

Photo courtesy Dr. Jimmy Henning A lot of hay has been cut in recent weeks. The weather was good, but not perfect, as Kentucky weather is notoriously unpredictable. If you got some rain during haymaking, you are not alone. What … Learn More

Florida Officials Confirm EEE in Multiple Counties

Four of five affected horses have succumbed to the illness.     Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services (FDACS) officials have confirmed horses in three counties—Baker, Holmes, and Jackson—with Eastern equine encephalomyelitis (EEE). In Baker County, an undervaccinated 3-year-old Quarter Horse … Learn More

Happy Birthday to a Legend

On May 29th, 1995, a pale palomino colt tottered out of the woods right in front of filmmaker Ginger Kathrens’ camera. The rest is history. Ginger followed the colt, whom she named Cloud, through the seasons of his life. Cloud … Learn More