Do You Have An Emergency Plan for Your Equine Facility?

University of Minnesota Contingency Plan

The University of Minnesota Extension Livestock Team has released a set of downloadable and customizable forms that can be used to create an emergency or contingency plan for private horse farms and boarding facilities.

To access the University of Minnesota contingency plan forms, click here and scroll down to Horse Operations Contingency Plans. Click on the + sign and click to download the form(s) you need.

These forms are meant to provide a starting point to outline essential care for horses if the owner and/or farm manager(s) become sick with COVID-19 or another emergency occurs. In those situations, care would likely need to be administered by a non-household or non-staff member.

The university said this contingency plan is meant to cover short-term essential or emergency care only (i.e., 30 days) and is not meant to serve as a comprehensive management or facility care plan.

Operations contingency plan templates for both privately owned horse farms and boarding or training horse farms are available on the Extension Horse Website. Forms (fillable PDFs) must be first downloaded and saved to a computer, then they be completed and printed.

Emily Krekelber, MS, UMN Extension, authored information for this report. 

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