Oppose BLM’s Disaster Plan for Utah’s Bible Spring Complex Wild Horses


Based on the nearly 40-year-old “Framework Plan” created in 1983, the Bureau of Land Management Utah plans to remove more than 750 of the 831 wild horses they claim live in the Bible Springs Complex in southwestern Utah.  Of course BLM continues to authorize livestock grazing in Blawn Wash HMA.

The BLM’s plan leaves behind just 70 wild horses in an area where the agency permits over 8x more commercial livestock grazing. BLM plans to use Gonacon, IUDs, sex ratio skewing, and sterilization on horses left on the range.

If You Are SICK and TIRED of BLM’s Mismanagement of Wild Horses: PLEASE TAKE ACTION TODAY.

Silence is Complicity … it is wholly American to Voice Opposition When the Government is Wrong.

Every alert, like this one, gives us an opportunity to say: We will NOT shut up, we will continue to fight for what is right.

Please Take a Moment to Say “No.”  Please use YOUR voice now — speak up against the inhumane management of Utah’s Bible Spring Complex herd.

We’re Fighting to Keep America’s Wild Horses & Burros Wild and Free

Join us Today. Your Voice Matters!


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