US Equestrian Launches Enhanced Horse and Rider Reports for All Breeds and Disciplines


Lexington, Ky. – US Equestrian members will soon have access to improved horse and rider reports that are customized to their breed and discipline. By popular request from the membership, the updated reports provide more detailed at-a-glance information, along with enhanced sport-specific competition results to give horse owners and athletes an uncluttered view of the most relevant information for their discipline.

These reports display a horse’s or athlete’s results history from USEF-sanctioned competitions and are available to all fan and competing members through a searchable database accessed on

The updated horse reports include a more comprehensive header and footer, with added information including the foal date, breeder, and microchip alongside the previously available data. Other enhancements to horse and rider reports include: results by phase for multi-phase disciplines like eventing and combined driving; dressage scores from each individual judge in addition to the overall score for tests with more than one judge; and consolidated team results for multi-horse disciplines, such as pairs and four-in-hand driving.

“USEF is pleased to announce improvements to our horse and rider reports,” said US Equestrian CEO Bill Moroney. “Based on the valuable feedback of our members and staff, the Competitions and Information Technology Departments worked together to bring our members the most relevant information for their breed or discipline in a more useful format.”

The updated format will launch on April 27, 2021. To access reports, visit and

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